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Membership is open to practicing attorneys who devote the majority of their litigation-related time to the defense of civil litigation. The cost is $170.

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MDC thanks the Past Presidents for their service to the organization.

Name Years
John T. Sly 2018–19
Marisa A. Trasatti 2017–18
Christopher Boucher 2016–17
K. Nichole Nesbitt 2015–16
Michael L. Dailey 2014–15
Toyja E. Kelley 2013–14
Mary Malloy Dimaio 2012–13
The Honorable J. Mark Coulson 2011–12
Jennifer S. Lubinski 2010–11
Edward J.“Bud” Brown 2009–10
Kathleen M. Bustraan 2008–09
Daniel P. Moylan 2007–08
Joseph M. Jagielski 2006–07
T. Sky Woodward 2005–06
Gardner M. Duvall 2004–05
Peggy Fonshell Ward 2003–04
Hal A. MacLaughlin 2002–03
Scott Patrick Burns 2001–02
Jack L. Harvey 2000–01
Gerry H. Tostanoski 1999–00
Chip Hill 1998–99
Thomas V. Monahan, Jr. 1997–98
Robert C. Erlandson 1996–97
F. Ford Loker 1995–96
Andrew Lapayowker 1994–95
Susan T. Preston 1993–94
Diane D’Aiutolo Collins 1992–93
Conrad W. Varner 1991–92
Drake C. Zaharris 1990–91
Robert L. Siems 1989–90
James K. Archibald 1988–89
Bruce R. Parker 1987–88
Robert Dale Klein 1986–87
Kathleen Howard Meredith 1985–86
Robert D. Clark* 1984–85
Robert E. Scott, Jr. 1983–84
Carolyn A. Espy 1982–83
Barry Bach 1981–82
J. Paul Mullen* 1980–81
John F. Linsenmeyer 1979–80
Patrick G. Cullen 1978–79
Donald C. Allen* 1977–78
Gilbert A. Hoffman 1976–77
The Honorable Frederick J. Bower 1975–76
Nathaniel Hopper* 1974–75
Louis G. Close, Jr.* 1973–74
The Honorable James R. Eyler 1972–73
Robert P. Schlenger* 1971–72
Herbert F. Murray* 1970–71
James H. Cook* 1969–70
Richard H. Lerch* 1968–69
Edward J. Thompson, Sr.* 1967–68
Wilbur Preston, Jr.* 1966–67
The Honorable Joseph H. Young* 1965–66
Frederick J. Green, Jr.* 1964–65
M. King Hill, Jr.* 1963–64
John H. Mudd* 1962–63


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