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Membership is open to practicing attorneys who devote the majority of their litigation-related time to the defense of civil litigation. The cost is $170.

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***ALL MEMBERS MUST READ — Lobbying and Political Activities***

PAC Contribution: $15 of each member's dues is contributed directly to the State PAC account to be used for political activities and will be reported as required by state law. To the extent that dues are paid by a firm on behalf of a member in the MDC, any contribution to the PAC will be reported as a firm contribution, rather than in the name of the individual member. The $15 contribution amount reflected on your invoice is merely a suggestion and each member is free to contribute more or less than that amount, although particular designations shall apply to those who contribute certain amounts.

Contributions to political committees are strictly voluntary and no member will be subject to reprisal for declining to contribute. If you do not wish for any of your membership dues to be contributed to the MDC State PAC account, please sign your invoice where indicated, scan and return your application to You may deduct $15 from your dues payment.

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