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Winter 2011
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The Defense Line: Winter 2011

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The Defense Line: A Publication From The Maryland Defense Counsel, Inc.

Editor’s Corner

The Editors are proud to publish this latest edition of The Defense Line, which has a new look and features several interesting articles and case spotlights from our members. The lead article, submitted by John T. Sly and Christina N. Billiet of Waranch & Brown, LLC, provides an update on some recent changes in Maryland medical malpractice law and procedure, including some useful tips on how to attack a plaintiff’s expert witnesses. An article by Matthew Schroll of Miles & Stockbridge P.C. discusses a recent Maryland appellate court opinion in which Maryland’s statutory non-economic damages cap was upheld. Lydia S. Hu of Semmes, Bowen & Semmes, P.C. provides interview tips for summer associate candidates, which is equally as interesting and relevant for those of us that conduct the interviews as it is for the law students on the other side of the interview table. Finally, MDC’s Judicial Selections Committee (Marisa A. Trasatti, John Sly, and Laurie Ann Garey) have submitted a brief article discussing the committee and the judicial selection process in Maryland.

The Editors sincerely hope that the members of the Maryland Defense Counsel enjoy this issue of The Defense Line. In that regard, if you have any comments or suggestions or would like to submit an article or case spotlight for a future edition of The Defense Line, please feel free to contact the members of the Editorial Staff.

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