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Membership Criteria

Membership is open to practicing attorneys who devote the majority of their litigation-related time to the defense of civil litigation. The cost is $170.
Government attorneys receive a reduced rate of $78.20.

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Committee Descriptions

Appellate Practice Committee

The Appellate Practice Committee is focused on the broad range of issues relevant to a Maryland defense attorney’s handling of appeals, both state and federal. The Committee monitors trends in the case law and any modifications to the rules governing appellate practice. The Appellate Practice Committee also participates in identifying potential opportunities for MDC to prepare and file amicus curiae briefs in appeals that have substantial potential impact on civil defendants or defense counsel, responds to requests for amicus briefs by MDC members, and facilitates the preparation of amicus briefs.In addition, the Committee educates the members through educational programs such as the dinner meeting featuring Court of Special Appeals Judge Tim Meredith’s insights into the inner workings of Maryland’s intermediate appellate court and useful tips for briefing and arguing appeals in Maryland.

Commercial Law Subcommittee

The Commercial Law Subcommittee provides MDC members information and updates on important issues and developments for those handling commercial law matters in the state of Maryland. The committee offers guidance to Maryland attorneys handling commercial law matters in transactional and litigation settings. The Committee also works to inform MDC members and members of federal and local government of substantive and procedural issues important to commercial law matters, and the legislative issues effecting those matters.

Construction Liability Subcommittee

The Construction Liability Subcommittee works to advise MDC members on various issues of importance for those handling complex construction claims in State and Federal Court, as well as in arbitration proceedings. The committee strives to provide guidance on ways to efficiently and effectively defend against construction claims, to determine and minimize exposure, and ways to spread the risk of loss or damages. The committee also advises its members on significant new cases that impact the construction practice.

DRI State Representative

The State Representative to DRI acts as the liaison between MDC and DRI, promoting the needs of MDC within DRI and promoting the activities and services of DRI to MDC members.

DRI Young Lawyer’s Liaison

The DRI Young Lawyer’s Liaisons assist DRI in reaching out to young and newly admitted lawyers within MDC and promote DRI activities and events. The highlight of Young Lawyer’s Committee membership is the annual meeting. The Committee welcomes all lawyers who have been in practice for ten years or less with educational and social opportunities which include its monthly newsletter, The Whisper.

Employment Law Subcommittee

The Employment Law Subcommittee is a forum for employment defense attorneys to share insight, collaborate, and keep abreast of the latest developments in Maryland employment law. The subcommittee focuses on creating opportunities for members to socialize and meet one another through happy hours and other events, and on putting together continuing legal education programming so that members can stay up to date on the latest trends in employment law.

Executive Director

The Executive Director works closely with the President, the Officers, the Board of Directors and the membership to expedite the essential administrative work of the MDC. She helps to coordinate meetings, programs, and events; maintains mailing and membership lists; corresponds with members, sponsors and the public; and provides guidance to Board committees in the conduct of their business.

Health Care and Compliance Subcommittee

Judicial Selections Committee

The Judicial Selection Committee is committed to identifying and supporting qualified, experienced and diverse judicial candidates who will ensure the fair and efficient administration of civil justice in Maryland’s court system and especially candidates who understand and appreciate the needs and interests of the MDC and its members' clients. This committee reviews applications of those judicial candidates who have agreed to be interviewed by the MDC. An ad hoc panel of MDC members from the jurisdiction in which the vacancy has opened is assembled to interview each candidate. The MDC then makes its recommendations to the Maryland Judicial Nominating Commission and to the Governor based on its review of the candidates.

Lead Paint Subcommittee

Legislative Committee

The purpose of the Legislative Committee is to monitor and react to all legislative activities that may affect Maryland Defense Counsel members and their clients; disseminate legislative information to members; and identify methods of recruiting support for our legislative interests. The committee meets regularly to determine the agenda for the upcoming legislative session and oversees the activities of the association lobbyist throughout the session. In June 2006, the Maryland Defense Counsel created a new office, the Legislative Branch Liaison.  The purpose of the Legislative Branch Liaison is to solidify MDC’s expanding presence and growing influence in the General Assembly.

Privacy, Data and Security Subcommittee

Programs & Membership Committee

This MDC Committee is the administrative arm of the executive board. Overall, this committee is responsible for presenting programs that address and advance issues relevant to the civil defense bar of Maryland, for attracting and facilitating vendor sponsorships, and for increasing membership. Specifically, this committee ensures that the annual event dates are set in advance, assigns substantive committees with program responsibility, and then assists with the logistics and promotion of events and sponsorships. This committee is also charged with annual membership drives and contacting members and non-members to learn ways to improve the services MDC provides to the civil defense community. This feedback is then utilized to tailor future programs, membership benefits, and sponsors to meet these needs.

Products Liability Subcommittee

The Products Liability Subcommittee works to advise MDC members on various issues of importance for those handling products liability cases, including proposed legislation and rules relating to personal injury damages, scope and type of discovery, and emerging types of products liability matters.  The Committee further works to create a dialog between MDC members and legislators and courts on both substantive and procedural issues in products liability cases.


The Defense Line Committee edits and publishes MDC's publication, the Defense Line—the only statewide periodical for defense practitioners. The Defense Line receives articles from distinguished judges, experts and practitioners from across the state and contains in-depth feature articles of interest to the defense bar as well as spotlights highlighting our members' achievements in the courts.


Along with Programs and Membership, the Sponsorship Committee comprises the administrative arm of the Executive Board. The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for attracting and facilitating vendor sponsorships. Members of the committee serve as liaisons to current and potential sponsors.

Workers’ Compensation Subcommittee

The Workers’ Compensation Subcommittee of the Maryland Defense Counsel endeavors to create a forum for discussion of Worker’s Compensation issues of importance to the employer and insurer as well as to serve as means for communicating the employer/insurer’s concerns to the Workers’ Compensation Commission and to the legislature. The Committee meets approximately monthly to discuss recent cases, proposed rule changes or procedural changes at the Commission, and other matters of interest. Members of the Committee may assist in drafting legislation or commenting on legislation proposed from other quarters, including appearing before legislative committees to testify on proposed legislation. In addition members serve as a resource for each other and for members of the bar with limited workers’ compensation exposure who need assistance on workers’ compensation questions.

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